Welcome to Green Track Network
the network for green tram tracks

This network is an association of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, big companies, transportation companies as well as research institutions.

Green Track Network was founded in January 2011. It links research and development capacities of the enterprises involved, their applied knowledge, as well as the knowhow of different research institutions.

Focus is set on the development of innovative system solutions for intensive and extensive vegetation systems on tram track beds.


Handbook track greening

Released in German September 2014
Handbuch Gleisbegrünung - Planung-Ausführung-Pflege
ISBN 978-3-96245-045-8
Please order the book here (German).

Released in English August 2016
Handbook Track Greening - Design-Implementation-Maintenance
ISBN: 978-3-96245-037-3
Please order the book here (English)


Handbuch Gleisbegrünung